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Welcome to FOCUS

Our group is called FOCUS and we are part of the Monash Christian Union. We are a group for international students who come together around God’s word to make friends and to meet Jesus. To many international students who study at Monash university we are their home away from home.  So if you are a seeker who is asking questions about life and God, you will find us as a warm and friendly group of people willing to listen and explain how the Bible answers your questions. If you are a Christian then this is the group where you can find spiritual encouragement and also be trained and equipped for a lifetime of Christian service. Come and join us as you study here in Monash University or just pay us a visit to check us out. We'd love to have your company. 

Venue : Monash Clayton campus
Learning and Teaching  Building

19 Ancora Imparo Way,
Date : Every Friday during semester
Time : 7:00 pm -9.30pm

Please take careful note of the room locations
26 Jul 2019 :Room G54 (6pm)
2 Aug 2019: Room 2.21 (7pm)
9 Aug 2019: Room 1.01 (7pm)



Friday Fellowship.

Our main meeting is on Friday evenings. Here we have dinner together, meet in small groups and listen to a talk from the Bible. Its the perfect way to end a busy week of studying by meeting people and learning from God's word. 

Ministry Training

We conduct ministry training for evangelism, discipleship and answering questions about God. Listen to Phumie's story.

NTE conference

NTE Conference 2019.
30 Nov - 4 Dec 2019
Our end of year conference (NTE)  for 2019 is coming up very soon. It is a great way to grow deeply in God's word. This year's topic is "Encountering God - hearing His voice" and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. We will be combining with Christian Union and FOCUS groups from all over Australia and overseas in Canberra for this conference..
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Make friends from all over the world. A unique feature of our group is that it is made up of students from many countries. We often socialize together and have fun as we grow together in our walk with Jesus.  

At FOCUS seekers are also able to get a clear and uncomplicated explanation of the Christian faith.There is no obligation or pressure to join but seekers are given a chance to make an informed decision. 

Other Activities.

We also have many other activities and events. You can be involved in as many or as little as you like. If you are a Christian then we recommend that you take advantage of the ministry training which we provide to equip yourself for a lifetime of ministry.  Click below to learn more about this.